Somewhere between 275 and 300 motorcyclists showed up today to ride for safety. This is a general call to the BC Government to wake up, smell the coffee, and put some concrete barriers in the center lane along the Malaht. Following is a clip from CHEK TV. This issue has been alive in the […]

  Infinite sadness. We lost another motorcyclist this weekend to a head-on collision on the Malahat. The Malahat is the mountainous stretch of the Transcanada Highway that connects Victoria to Duncan. It’s a stretch of road that has a good share of accidents. From a three-year old government document (looking at 2000 – 2004), there’s a average […]

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This post has absolutely nothing to do with motorcycle safety, motorcycle riding, motorcycle ethics or anything like that. Mostly, it’s just a rant. From a microscopic point-of-view, it’s about the biking community; from a macroscopic point-of-view, it’s about any self-righteous jerk who’s just interested in positioning themselves as incredibly RIGHT while situating those from a […]

The stuff in the column typically addresses one of two things: safety and zen. It’s rare that I get philosophical, and even rarer that I post laugh out loud funny. But here’s a shift. In this small clip you will see a rider shift gears, and shift the perspective of the events as they unfold. […]

Here in Victoria, British Columbia, we’ve had a rather late summer. Which is to say it didn’t arrive before September. Now, in the midst of a glorious heat-wave, I am here to screeeeetch that needle across your favourite LP and bring you back down to earth. (And if you get the LP reference, you and […]