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To inquire about reprinting these columns, look below. Basically, pick your price, pay, and let us know which column you’ve bought. It’s not at all complicated.

About Britt

  • 20 Columns published in Victoria’s Times Colonist in 2010; gone blog-solo in 2011
  • Author of the Amazon best-selling book,The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman
  • Recently recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who as the 2010 Professional of the Year Representing Authorship
  • Holds both a BA and MA in English
  • Former chief instructor for the Vancouver Island Safety Council, an ICBC certified motorcycle safety school.

Testimonial from Arthur Black

Arthur Black

THAT Arthur Black

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an old fart who rides a motor scooter whenever the weather permits. I am also a graduate of the Vancouver Island Safety Council M/C riders course — and a big fan of Britt Santowski’s motorcycle safety column which used to run in the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper. Ms. Santowski is a former Chief Instructor with the VISC and I found her columns both astute and pithy. The lady knows her stuff and she can write too. There’s a growing number of Farts both young and old out here who are taking up two-wheeled, motorized transportation. We could all benefit from a regular dose of Santowski’s wit and wisdom.

Arthur Black
(Yeah, THAT Arthur Black)

Why to reprint

  • Cheaper than employees with that pesky little habit of indoor living, and feeding his or her family.
  • Proven engaging column that generates regular readership
  • Make money money money. Industry retailers (motorcycle dealerships and accessory stores) will want to capture readership. This means money, money, and even more money for you, the publisher.
  • Save lives. Played right, you might even become a community champion: educate the masses (yes, even non motorcyclists read the column), reduce the number of accidents, and perhaps even save a life or two.
  • Did I already say Make Money? A savvy publisher will recognize that this column is both well written and well received in the motorcycling  community (a middle aged, affluent community). As a smart publisher, you recognize the potential advertising revenue that can be generated by running this column regularly. The comments that appear at the bottom of each column are readership testimonials. They, the readers, speak for themselves.

How to Reprint

Pick your price, pay it, and let us know (the office at  admin[at]imallowed[dot]com or email Britt directly at britt[at]imallowed[dot]com.)

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