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This week, we’re going to go back to the basics and review some basic road skills. When I first became a motorcycle safety instructor, I was shocked to find my knowledge was lacking. If it’s been a decade or more since you’ve been tested, perhaps you too can use a short refresher. Rider’s Rules of […]

As you may or may not know, I have recently written a book. It’s called The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman. For this week’s column, I’ll write about the Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Biker, be you a she or a he. The three strategies are accountability, collaboration and initiative. If you master these, […]

Wave. Dammit.

When I first took my motorcycle safety course in Ottawa, I learned a few biker-exclusive signals. One was that if you needed help, it’s as easy as placing your helmet on the curb or roadside: Other bikers would recognize the call and come to your assistance. Little did I realize dying near the roadside didn’t […]

If you have committed to whipping down the windy country roads without the protective encasing of a metal cage (e.g. a car), then you really owe it to yourself to understand the nature of any beasts that may cross your path of travel. No one really plans to hit them. And inevitably someone does. You […]

Somebody once suggested that riders really concerned about safety should invest more than $5 in the famous novelty helmet. In today’s column, I’d like to set the record straight: The famous novelty helmet actually costs closer to $40. Helmets have been legally required in Canada since the 1960s. Once upon a time, our neighbour to […]

Can you really judge a book by its cover? As an author, I’m inclined to say yes. (My book has a great cover.) Can you really judge a rider by his passenger? As a rider, I’m inclined to say yes. Let’s look at the typical pairing, where the man is the rider and the woman […]

The myth of loud pipes

Today I will bravely expose my view in answer to the question: Do loud pipes really save lives? In a word: No. (Fear not, I’ll say more.) But before I launch headfirst into this one, know that my very own stepmother rode a bike with screaming pipes. I loved her then and I love her […]

No, today’s column is not about cheap biker tricks to get the ladies to hang on tighter as you ride. It’s reading those other curves I’m talking about here. Reading the curve. Now that’s a phrase I’ve heard many times but never really paid much attention to. Probably because it didn’t hold any meaning for […]

The zen of the zoom

It’s a beautiful, calm clear, sunny day. The air is crisp and clean. Your bike is purring like a kitten or roaring like a lion but either way, you’re happy about the sound it makes. Added bonus: Last year’s riding gear still fits. You hit the road. It’s dry and smooth. Definitely a good day. […]

The 2010 motorcycle accident of Daniel Lanois, Grammy-winning Canadian music producer and artist, highlighted some important facts: The average age of motorcycle operators is steadily increasing (Lanois is 59), and the number of accidents among older riders is also steadily increasing. (Lanois veered to avoid a left-turning vehicle and hit an industrial box on the […]