Ah, the days of yore. Do you remember 1995? The excitement of Parliament being televised for the first time. Chapters is officially incorporated and sets up shop in Burlington, Ont., and Burnaby. The trial of Paul Bernardo begins, and ends with a guilty verdict. Mike Harris begins his PC reign in Ontario. Christine Silverberg is […]

The residents of Canada’s west coast have a bit of a reputation for being, shall we say, overly relaxed. There’s even an unofficial time-zone (“West-Coast time”) that explains why stores close at 4:00pm on Thursday nights in December, and why urgent phone calls are returned three days later. But like everything, that’s only half the […]

The world can always be nicely divided into two. You are either with us or you’re against us. You’re either state-of-the-art or you’re a laggard. You’re either female or male. Let me try. You are either the die-hard rider (as I used to be) and ride all year long, or you are seasonal (as I […]

When I ride, my preference is to ride alone. No, I’m not the strong silent type who was such a quiet neighbour and then turns out to be a psycho killer; I just prefer my own company. Really. Having said that, I have also gone on group rides. Some I liked (with other educated riders); […]

Back when I got my licence to ride, it was one fee, one test, and one licence. And, not to brag but … I signed up to take a course anyway. While I had it easy, I’m all for a more complicated system. I, for one, celebrated the proactive ICBC changes here in BC. I […]

This week, we’re going to go back to the basics and review some basic road skills. When I first became a motorcycle safety instructor, I was shocked to find my knowledge was lacking. If it’s been a decade or more since you’ve been tested, perhaps you too can use a short refresher. Rider’s Rules of […]

As you may or may not know, I have recently written a book. It’s called The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman. For this week’s column, I’ll write about the Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Biker, be you a she or a he. The three strategies are accountability, collaboration and initiative. If you master these, […]

Wave. Dammit.

When I first took my motorcycle safety course in Ottawa, I learned a few biker-exclusive signals. One was that if you needed help, it’s as easy as placing your helmet on the curb or roadside: Other bikers would recognize the call and come to your assistance. Little did I realize dying near the roadside didn’t […]

If you have committed to whipping down the windy country roads without the protective encasing of a metal cage (e.g. a car), then you really owe it to yourself to understand the nature of any beasts that may cross your path of travel. No one really plans to hit them. And inevitably someone does. You […]