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Ah, the days of yore. Do you remember 1995? The excitement of Parliament being televised for the first time. Chapters is officially incorporated and sets up shop in Burlington, Ont., and Burnaby. The trial of Paul Bernardo begins, and ends with a guilty verdict. Mike Harris begins his PC reign in Ontario. Christine Silverberg is […]

When I ride, my preference is to ride alone. No, I’m not the strong silent type who was such a quiet neighbour and then turns out to be a psycho killer; I just prefer my own company. Really. Having said that, I have also gone on group rides. Some I liked (with other educated riders); […]

Wave. Dammit.

When I first took my motorcycle safety course in Ottawa, I learned a few biker-exclusive signals. One was that if you needed help, it’s as easy as placing your helmet on the curb or roadside: Other bikers would recognize the call and come to your assistance. Little did I realize dying near the roadside didn’t […]

The zen of the zoom

It’s a beautiful, calm clear, sunny day. The air is crisp and clean. Your bike is purring like a kitten or roaring like a lion but either way, you’re happy about the sound it makes. Added bonus: Last year’s riding gear still fits. You hit the road. It’s dry and smooth. Definitely a good day. […]