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Here in Victoria, British Columbia, we’ve had a rather late summer. Which is to say it didn’t arrive before September. Now, in the midst of a glorious heat-wave, I am here to screeeeetch that needle across your favourite LP and bring you back down to earth. (And if you get the LP reference, you and […]

May is motorcycle awareness month, so the next few columns are dedicated to passing along some core safety riding tips for motorcyclists. Motorcycle safety matters. Today, we’ll dress the rider, and next week we’ll address the road. Let’s take a long hard look at how fashion (literally) impacts your safety. When I taught new riders, […]

Now’s the time for us fair-weather riders to stop waving at the hardy year-round bikers from inside our cars (and yes, I do that) and haul our own machines out from their winter hibernation. But before we can hop on the backs of our lovely beasts of burden, there are certain rituals that must first […]

If you’re going to ride year-round, there are a few things that you can do to augment your pleasure. (Or, if you know a year-round or extended-season rider and don’t know what to get them for Christmas this year, here are a few shopping suggestions.) The first body parts affected by the cold are your […]

Can you really judge a book by its cover? As an author, I’m inclined to say yes. (My book has a great cover.) Can you really judge a rider by his passenger? As a rider, I’m inclined to say yes. Let’s look at the typical pairing, where the man is the rider and the woman […]