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Here in Victoria, British Columbia, we’ve had a rather late summer. Which is to say it didn’t arrive before September. Now, in the midst of a glorious heat-wave, I am here to screeeeetch that needle across your favourite LP and bring you back down to earth. (And if you get the LP reference, you and […]

If you’re going to ride year-round, there are a few things that you can do to augment your pleasure. (Or, if you know a year-round or extended-season rider and don’t know what to get them for Christmas this year, here are a few shopping suggestions.) The first body parts affected by the cold are your […]

Stupidity is deadly

I should probably be saving my top 10 for the year’s end, but I think it’s far more appropriate to talk about scary at this time of year. Here, in reverse order of asininity, are my two top-10 lists. Scary list of things I’ve seen from vehicle drivers that endanger the lives of motorcyclists: 10. […]

Back when I got my licence to ride, it was one fee, one test, and one licence. And, not to brag but … I signed up to take a course anyway. While I had it easy, I’m all for a more complicated system. I, for one, celebrated the proactive ICBC changes here in BC. I […]

Somebody once suggested that riders really concerned about safety should invest more than $5 in the famous novelty helmet. In today’s column, I’d like to set the record straight: The famous novelty helmet actually costs closer to $40. Helmets have been legally required in Canada since the 1960s. Once upon a time, our neighbour to […]