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  Somewhere between 275 and 300 motorcyclists showed up today to ride for safety. This is a general call to the BC Government to wake up, smell the coffee, and put some concrete barriers in the center lane along the Malaht. Following is a clip from CHEK TV. This issue has been alive in the […]

  Infinite sadness. We lost another motorcyclist this weekend to a head-on collision on the Malahat. The Malahat is the mountainous stretch of the Transcanada Highway that connects Victoria to Duncan. It’s a stretch of road that has a good share of accidents. From a three-year old government document (looking at 2000 – 2004), there’s a average […]

There’s been a rash of motorcycle accidents here in BC. Recently here on Vancouver Island, a head-on collision heading up towards the Malahat shook me (and many others) up. It had me reviewing the rules I ride by. While I expect to die one day, I want to live doing the things I love, not […]

Belt Drive Betty posted the /A\ News television newsclip on loud pipes [watch it here]. Yep, it’s that time of year again where this ugly issue reasserts itself. Last year, I too asserted my opinion on loud pipes [read it here]. I have an opinion. That opinion is that loud pipes don’t save lives. Others […]

May is motorcycle awareness month, so the next few columns are dedicated to passing along some core safety riding tips for motorcyclists. Motorcycle safety matters. Today, we’ll dress the rider, and next week we’ll address the road. Let’s take a long hard look at how fashion (literally) impacts your safety. When I taught new riders, […]

Now’s the time for us fair-weather riders to stop waving at the hardy year-round bikers from inside our cars (and yes, I do that) and haul our own machines out from their winter hibernation. But before we can hop on the backs of our lovely beasts of burden, there are certain rituals that must first […]

Well, it’s time for me to ride off into the sunset and bid you all a grand fare-thee-well. Actually, more appropriately, it’s time for me to hunker down against the pelting rain, lean into the wind, and ride into my garage where I’ll winterize the bike. And to do this, I’ll have to put the […]

Bear with me as I meander once again down memory lane. I’ll start with me, but I’ll end with the most important person in our relationship: You. I want to tell you the story of how I became a motorcycle safety instructor. When I first arrived in Victoria, I wanted to find meaningful work. You […]